How To Help Get Julia To Annapolis

We are in the final stretch to Election Day and we have a list of ways you can help Julia win in November!

1. Make a campaign donation.

2. Join our mailing list.

3. Sign up to go canvassing.

4. Get a yard sign for your home or business.

5. Make sure everyone you know is REGISTERED TO VOTE!

6. Wear a Julia Nichols shirt, button, or lapel sticker to local events! You can be a walking advertisement!

7. Get a bumper sticker/magnet for your car.

8. Make a plan to vote, not just yourself, but make sure your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, guy at the coffee shop, all have a plant to vote! 

9. Share your excitement for Julia Nichols' campaign for delegate with your friends, family, coworkers, and folks you meet every day! That's as simple as sharing our Facebook page, retweeting us, or having a conversation.

10. Most importantly, BE A VOTER! 

The only way Julia is going to win is with YOUR help! Join us, and let's ensure Southern Maryland gains an active advocate for us in the House of Delegates!



Come Meet Your Neighbors!

We've been out and about in Southern Maryland knocking on doors and letting folks know about our campaign and making sure they have a plan to vote! It's always a great time and we want YOU to join us!

We will be going out in St. Mary's County on Mondays from 6:30pm-7:30pm and in Calvert County on Wednesdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm

Please let us know if you'd like to join us, so we can make sure we have an even number of people, don't worry you'll never be out alone, and we'll let you know what area we'll be working that day. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, a smile, and a motivated attitude! We hope you'll join us, because talking to folks one-on-one is going to be the best way for us to get out the vote and help Julia win in November! 

Contact us via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to come join us!

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Want to Help the Julia Nichols for Delegate 29c Campaign?

Great! There are three ways You Can Help!

Julia NicholsYou can host. Every voter in District 29c needs to know who Julia Nichols is and what makes her perfect for Delegate. The best way for her to spread that message is through small home gatherings. You can host a neighborhood party to get Julia’s name and qualifications out there. Contact Us today to schedule a neighborhood meet and greet. Here is some information on how to host a neighborhood gathering.


Julia NicholsYou Can Volunteer. Campaigns are a lot of work and require all hands to be effective. If you can spare a little of your time or talent, we can make sure that the right candidate gets elected in our district. Contact Us today to volunteer to staff phones, knock on doors, contribute to a digital campaign, or many other ways your skills can help.


Julia Nichols You Can Donate. Campaigns are expensive and require contributions to be effective. We need yard signs, tee-shirts, hats, bumper sticker, so many materials to make sure every voter in District 29c knows that Julia Nichols is the right candidate for the job. Consider donating today.



Host a House Party

How to Host a Neighborhood PartyJulia Nichols


You can host for one candidate or for multiple candidates – the lasting effect is getting the candidate’s name out there.

Invite 50-100 people, even 200! It sounds like a lot, but most won’t attend. But, you have personally let 50-200 people know that you endorse this candidate and this snowballs to their family and friends and coworkers, etc. Remember, if you only invite your friends (comfort zone) you are most likely inviting people who are already like-minded and would probably support your candidate anyway.

Invite people you don’t know. For example, if you are hosting a get together for your neighborhood, obtain the mailing (or email) list from the HOA or deliver door-to-door invitations and invite EVERYONE. For a work hosting, invite ALL your co-workers.

Consider inviting a friend or relative from a different neighborhood in the district so they can meet the candidate at your gathering and then host a party for the candidate in their neighborhood.

ALWAYS be positive – we need everyone’s vote – Democrat, Independent, Republican.

Have the event for 2 hours – you can keep it simple: “Please join our family from 1-3 (or whatever time) for an opportunity to meet [candidate]. We believe [candidate] has all the qualifications to be [our delegate, commissioner, etc.] and invite you to meet him/her personally. Her/his resume is very impressive. (you can even attach the resume if you are doing an email invite) Light refreshments will be served.” Serving desserts and tea/water/lemonade is fine – it doesn’t have to be a gourmet event. Serving chips, dip and drinks is also fine. It is okay to ask for an rsvp.

Even if you do not live in the district of the delegate, but live close, it is getting the name out there that is important. Commissioners are voted for by everyone in the county. And your neighbors may work with people who do live in the delegate’s district.

At the event, have a literature table: obtain email addresses so the candidate can send a thank you (this is now the third contact that the voter has had with the candidate), have financial contribution envelopes, resume. You can also have bumper stickers. Always have name tags.

The candidate should have 7 touches with a voter. A neighborhood party offers 3 in one go – the invitation which gets the name out, the party itself, and then the follow up thank you (or sorry you couldn’t come for those not making it).

If we want to get these candidates elected, you cannot be shy!! Get out of your comfort zone! Tell everyone that you are supporting your candidate – you don’t have to be pushy about it, but get your candidates' names out there!

(With many thanks to Mary Bohanan for these tips!!)

Julia Nichols


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