I grew up in a family that valued education of all kinds at all levels, and during my time here in Southern Maryland, I have worked to increase educational opportunities for the youth in our area.

Adequately and equitably funding and investing in education is essential for the success of the state of Maryland. The first action we must take is to “Fix The Fund” and ensure that casino revenues will go to education, as was originally intended. The Kirwin Commission recently researched and made recommendations to help Maryland regain our #1 schools status. Their recommendations include programs like universal Pre-K, continued teacher training and education, and teacher retention initiatives.

Additional efforts to support public education in Maryland include offering a variety of options for career and technical training and education as well as higher educational opportunities including community colleges through four-year and graduate programs. By supporting continual education, we can ensure that our workforce is always primed to take advantage of the next wave of innovation and provide Maryland workers with access to great paying jobs and a brighter future.

I believe that we must continue to protect public education, ensure funding for our public schools, and offer a variety of options, such as STEM or Fairlead Academy, or the Tech Center, for students and parents so that all of our students will have the education and skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.