First and foremost I will advocate for the rebuilding/improvement of the Thomas Johnson Bridge in a manner that will accommodate daily commuter traffic between counties, as well as be a more effective evacuation route for southern Calvert County than the what we currently have now. I will also work to include pedestrian and bike lanes to facilitate transportation cross counties for as many people as possible.

In addition to structural infrastructure improvements, we need to expand reliable and accessible public transportation in Calvert and St. Mary's counties, including inter-county options. I will work with county commissioners and MDOT to increase funding for public transportation so our bus routes can include additional routes and stops where needed to best serve areas in the most need of reliable public transport. A resident in Southern Calvert County should be able to take a bus to Prince Frederick without having to plan a trip of an hour or more, as well as any resident should be able to take a bus across the Thomas Johnson Bridge to utilize the businesses and services available in the adjoining county.

By making our public transportation system more connected, reliable and accessible, we can help increase employment opportunities, increase patronage to retail and other businesses, provide access to medical services, and even decrease the traffic we all deal with each day. It's an investment that is not just worthwhile, but essential for our growing community.