Clean Water / Local Economy

The health of the Chesapeake Bay is crucial for our region - it affects our watermen, our local businesses - restaurants and tourism in our area - and the quality of life for residents who enjoy being on and in the water.  It is important that we protect our waterways.

At a state level, we need to work with the other states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed so that we are working together on this project.  As delegate, I will work to ensure that policies implemented across the state will take into account the necessity for clean water in our region, I will work to promote collaboration with other states on this issue, and I will support environmental standards that will keep our land, air and water clean.

In order to preserve and protect the health of our home, we have to develop and support a partnership between environmental guardians and local business like our Southern Maryland farmers and watermen. We must also hold industry accountable so their actions in Southern Maryland are transparent, in the best interest of the community, and above all safe. When our priority is ensuring clean air, land, and water, everyone plays a part.