Building Bridges

I chose the campaign slogan “Building Bridges” for its variety of meanings. Of course, there is the iconic image of our own Thomas Johnson bridge. And then there is the fact that my district bridges two counties. But most importantly, it illustrates one of the main reasons that I ultimately chose to run. I have seen too much division in government – between parties or sometimes even within a party. I believe that we get the most done when we work together. Elected officials can work together to achieve good for the people of southern Maryland. By focusing on the issues instead of on partisan politics, I believe I can bridge the increasing gap that we see in government these days.



I grew up in a family that valued education of all kinds at all levels, and during my time here in southern Maryland, I have worked to increase educational opportunities for the youth in our area.

I was involved with the founding of the Chesapeake Public Charter School (CPCS), working closely with the St. Mary’s County Board of Education to bring parents and students another option for public education in St. Marys. CPCS, as one of the public schools in St. Marys, follows the same curriculum and testing as the rest of the public schools and employs St. Marys County Public School teachers. CPCS is now in its 11th year of operation and serves 420 students.

I founded the Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra and Choir (which now serves over 100 students in the tri-county area) to afford our talented singers and musicians an opportunity to learn and perform with their peers at the highest levels without having to travel out of the region to do so.

It is important that we invest in public education in our counties. The Kirwin Commission has determined that education is woefully underfunded. We are educating our future generations, and we need to ensure that we are funding at the appropriate level, and even increase funding for certain populations in order to close the achievement gap. We must also continue to fund high quality professional development for our teachers.

Higher education in our region is also important. We need to strengthen the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) and the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center (SMHEC) and continue to offer a variety of vocational/technical options to all of our students. We should also ensure that all of our students and families have access to affordable college planning.

I believe that we must continue to protect public education, ensure funding for our public schools, and offer a variety of options, such as STEM or Fairlead Academy, or the Tech Center, for students and parents so that all of our students will have the education and skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.



The roads, bridges and other infrastructure in St. Mary’s and Calvert counties need to receive more attention from Annapolis. As Delegate, I will advocate for the Thomas Johnson bridge to be rebuilt in a way that will accommodate the increase in traffic we have seen over the decades. The bridge was not built for the traffic it sees on a daily basis – it now ought to have multiple lanes, shoulders, and room for bikers and pedestrians. I am committed to working with the southern Maryland delegation to see this project come to pass. All of our transportation infrastructure should meet the needs of residents, businesses and federal facilities in the area.


Affordable Housing / Jobs

To improve the quality of life for working families in St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties, we need to work on increasing affordable housing options and strengthening public transportation for all. Reported wait times in St. Mary’s for housing assistance exceed 8 years, and more than a third of renters in St. Mary’s County pay more than 35% of their income to housing. We need to find a way to create more affordable housing options in our area, and increased options for getting around our rural counties.

We also need to look carefully at job creation – we should be trying to attract other industries to our area, for example. We need to ensure that we are supporting our small businesses and our investments in the future.

As Delegate, I would also like to improve veterans’ services in our communities – one way may be by working with federal, state and local stakeholders to build a new, ADA accessible Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Charlotte Hall and to open another clinic closer to Patuxent River Naval Air Station.


Clean Water / Smart Growth

Water surrounds us in southern Maryland. We must do what we can to care for our rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. The livelihood of our watermen depends on it. Clean and safe waterways are also important for tourism, as well as the quality of life of all of our residents. As Delegate, I will work to ensure that policies implemented across the state will take into account the necessity for clean water in our region, and I will support environmental standards that will keep our land, air and water clean.

As Delegate, I would work to encourage smart and sustainable development in our counties.  It is important to preserve the rural nature of southern Maryland while at the same time bringing in services, facilities and jobs for our residents.  I believe that we can find that balance.


Opioid Epidemic

The disease of addiction affects people from all walks of life and has touched the lives of many in our community. A coordinated approach targeting both primary prevention and addiction treatment can help deal with the epidemic and save lives.

The State Department of Health and Mental Services, in coordination with the County Health Departments are working to coordinate efforts to combat the problem. As Delegate, I would continue working with these departments to ensure they have the resources necessary to maintain and increase their efforts as needed.

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